The absurd antics of the Aurora City Council have been the gift that keeps on giving for PeakNation™.

But practical endorsements for the upcoming election from the Colorado Springs Gazette threatens to spoil all our fun by encouraging voters to elect new council members who aren’t insane.

We highly recommend Bill Gondrez, Steve Sundberg, Jono Scott, Danielle Jurinsky and Dustin Zvonek for Aurora City Council.


No radical agenda. No chip on their shoulders. Just everyday Aurorans, from every walk of life, who want to work together to make their community work better. What a refreshing change.

Well, yes, if you’re a taxpaying Aurora resident who wants their elected leaders to stop crime and homelessness, rather than enabling it to further their warped cause of socialist revolution. 

But not if you’re a snarky political news site that exists purely to mock the idiocy we’ve come to expect from certain council clowns in Aurora. 

So fine, vote for the sane slate if you’re tired of fight club and want to end the political bickering.

It’s your town.