We’re all high class now with high class problems, according to President Biden’s chief of staff, who’s a complete idiot.

Those empty grocery store shelves, the bacon you can’t afford, the costly gasoline, the washing machine that’s on back order for three months — those are all high class problems.

The economy is slipping under water right along with Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

But here’s the good news.

When the waiter complains about the toddler crapping on the restaurant table, explain to them you can’t afford diapers, then demand to see a manager. You’re high class now.

When the wife complains about not getting a Christmas present (again) this year, explain to her that all the high class ladies are getting their gifts on Valentines Day, which has been canceled.

The kids need shoes to play sports? You know the drill by now. If they complain, tell them football and soccer are the leading cause of climate change.

Adding insult to all the injuries caused by the Biden administration are the enablers — the Democrat-controlled Congress that seems to agree there is no problem to see here.

The great thing about being an American though, is that any and every class can vote these bums out of office.