Colorado’s elections are the gold standard of the universe and nothing has ever, nor will it ever go wrong.

We know this because Secretary of State Jena Griswold says so, and will send to jail anyone who dares suggest otherwise. 

The fact she’s asked Gov. Polis to call in the National Guard and its defensive cyber operations team to prevent a data breach just goes to prove nothing has ever nor will ever go wrong. 

Only a conspiracy theorist whackjob would give a second thought to Polis activating a nine-member cyber defense team until after the November election. 

We fully expect a Facebook fact check on this, so we’re just going to stick with what Polis says is the reason for his actions:

“Like many states, Colorado uses online voter registration systems that allow eligible citizens to access and update their voter registration information. These systems are protected by various security features that maintain confidentiality and prevent data tampering or interference with data.”

“Even with such security features, online voter registration systems could provide an avenue for cyber actors to gain unlawful access to voter registration databases. Outside of Colorado, voter registration databases have been compromised by cyber actors hacking into various systems. While cyber actors are unable to modify voter records, breaches could result in the release of voters’ personally identifiable information. The exposure of voters’ personally identifiable information does not threaten the integrity of our State elections, but could undermine public confidence in the system and suppress voter registration. The Colorado National Guard Defensive Cyber Operations Element has unique cyber capabilities to assist in protecting critical election infrastructure.”

The defense team will be in place until Nov. 4, which seems weird that we know exactly when cyber thieves stop trying to steal our data.