It’s absurd enough the FBI is investigating frustrated parents as domestic terrorists.

Now the Colorado media are trying to localize the narrative, and so far without a single shred of evidence.

Colorado Public Radio has this exhausting report with a tiresome, clickbait headline: “Yes, Colorado’s school board races are becoming more politicized. Here’s why.”

Their point seems to be school board elections were never before politicized by the Democrat-controlled teachers’ unions.

But are now because any parent who dares disagree with elected officials must be one of those Republicans. 

The article cites this Cherry Creek school board meeting as an example of the danger faced by elected board members:

At a June meeting, about a dozen armed men and women in military-style dress, some with the United American Defense Force logo, were present. The organization’s tag line is “Defending What’s Ours,” and the group said they partner with the conservative group FEC United, which is currently embroiled in a lawsuit about conspiracy theories and the 2020 election.

And yet, this is how the Colorado Times Recorder reported on that meeting.

This so-called incident is what’s called a conspiracy theory — a practice often blamed on Republicans, now being perfected by the media. 

CPR just assumed the men were armed, when actually no guns were visible and a Times Recorder reporter had to actually ask them later if they were armed.

And, the Times Recorder had to write a correction because the group is not a partner with FEC United. 

Requests for comment to UADF and Tiegen asking for confirmation that their members attended the meeting and seeking to know whether they were armed were not returned.

Two guys just sitting in a meeting. Listening.

Quelle horreur!

There was no threat — the media had to invent one at a later date. 

Oh wait, there were a few people outside also wearing t-shirts. Did anyone ask if they were armed?


Again, it was assumed. Just like it was assumed they weren’t also concerned parents.

Memo to the media: T-shirts are not “military-style dress.”

A few other ambiguous and unproven intimidations were included in the CPR report — elected school officials were called a Nazi or child abusers.

“Republican Nazi” gets three times the Google hits as” Democrat Nazi,” but we agree that doesn’t make it right.

The cold truth is, Democrats don’t really care about name calling when it’s them calling other people names.

“I’ve never been called a Nazi in my life, but I can’t tell you how many times (this past year) … or a child abuser, or contributing to rape culture because of the masks,” said JeffCo school board member Stephanie Schooley. “It just tears you down a little.”

At the JeffCo September school board meeting, facing an audience of masking opponents, Schooley recounted how her children became frightened after strangers took pictures of them outside their house, how unsettling it was to get threatening letters. Schooley said later she was trying to appeal to the audience as a neighbor, as someone with a child in their children’s schools.

Threatening letters should be reported to the police. Whether a stranger was taking pictures of her children or talking on their cell phone as they passed her house, it’s unfortunate the school board member’s drama was extended to her family. 

Real threats should absolutely be reported — to the local police. 

This article failed to prove genuine threats, but that was never really the point.

The article’s purpose is to demonize school board candidates across the state who are not endorsed by the Democrat-controlled teachers’ unions, which is how school board races are really being politicized.