Colorado Republicans haven’t been shy in reprimanding Attorney General Merrick Garland for using the Justice Department to take out the White House’s political trash.

From ignoring Hunter Biden’s influence peddling schemes to instead focus on a domestic terrorist manhunt targeting vocal and angry parents at local school board meetings, Merrick had a lot to answer for at last week’s House hearing.

Now it’s the Senate’s turn, where Garland will appear Wednesday, ostensibly to face the same criticism from lawmakers.

Yet he will hear nothing but crickets from Colorado’s Democrat senators.

U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper have stayed silent in the shadows throughout every bungle, fumble and blunder orchestrated by the Biden White House.  

Colorado U.S. Rep. Ken Buck went hard on Garland last week, questioning why there’s been no investigation of Hunter Biden’s art sales.

U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn is pressing for an investigation into possible conflicts of interest between Garland’s crackdown on parents and his son-in-law’s company, Panorama Education. 

The National School Boards Association has since admitted there was never any justification for their letter accusing parents of threats and violent behavior at school board meetings, behavior they likened to domestic terrorism.

Now that we know there is no threat, the first question from Colorado Senators should be why Garland hasn’t called off the FBI?

Even more troubling, we’ve also learned the National School Boards Association wasn’t even working with their own members to draft the letter. 

They were working with the White House.

The scandal has prompted state school board associations across the nation to pull out of the association.

Colorado is not one of the 22 school board associations to withdraw their support or even criticize the association. 

Democrat senators today, including those from Colorado, should be demanding apologies from Garland and the White House for treating American parents like domestic terrorists. 

But Colorado Democrats take their marching orders from teacher unions, so we expect to seem them cowed in the corner all day.