For Denver voters who don’t like what Tay Anderson has done for their children’s education, they should consider these endorsements for next week’s election for new members to sit on the public school board. 

Clearly excluded from the list is one of the union-endorsed candidates, Scott Esserman, who has paid Anderson $5,000 to handle his campaign’s social media communication. 

PeakNation™ will remember Anderson — also a union pick for the board — has a questionable history with school kids and his use of social media.

If anything, this proves Esserman has very poor decision-making skills that should disqualify him from serving on the board of education.

From the Denver Gazette’s endorsement: 

Meanwhile, the district has steadily continued to melt down. Particularly over the course of the pandemic and on the heels of last year’s disastrous bout with “remote learning,” student achievement has plummeted. At the same time, campus crime has been soaring following the ouster of Denver police resource officers from DPS campuses. For that, too, Denver parents have Anderson to thank; he led the call for kicking out the cops in the name of equity.


It all speaks as poorly of most of the other board members as it does of Anderson himself — and it cries out for a big change in elected leadership.

The Gazette has endorsed: 

Vernon Jones Jr., for the at-large seat;

Karolina Villagrana, for the District 2 seat;

Gene Fashaw, for the District 4 seat.

You can read the rest of their endorsement here.