Here are the election results from statewide questions, Denver ballot questions, school board elections in Denver and Douglas County, as well as the Aurora and Littleton council races.

Statewide, voters decided on:

 Amendment 78 NO 56.50% YES 43.50% Constitutional amendment that needs 55% to pass and would stop the spending of certain funds by agencies without legislative approval.

Proposition 119 NO 54% YES 46% Marijuana tax increase

Proposition 120 NO 57% YES 43% Lower property tax assessments on multifamily homes and lodging properties.

Denver Ballot Questions
City debt, issuing bonds for government spending

Question 2A: YES 63% $104 million for public building work at the Botanic Gardens, Museum of Nature and Science, Bonfils Theater Complex, and Zoo.

Question 2B: YES 61% $38.6 million for housing and shelter projects for the homeless.

Question 2C: YES 61%  $63.3 million for sidewalks and bike lanes, adding a cultural and arts district to Morrison Road, and adding an urban trail to downtown.

Question 2D YES 62%   $54 million for parks projects in northeast and south Denver for restoring basketball and tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, upgrading playgrounds, and rebuilding a neighborhood pool.

Question 2E NO 59%: $190 million to build a new arena at the National Western Center campus plus building renovations.

Non debt/bond questions

Question 2F (Safe and Sound): NO 68% Reverse: the Denver City Council’s decision to allow up to five unrelated people to live in a single home. Also, repeal the council’s decision allowing halfway homes in residential areas.

Question 2G (Independent Monitor of Law Enforcement): NO 68% Take appointment powers from an elected official, the mayor, and give it to a volunteer citizen oversight board. The independent monitor is in charge of disciplinary investigations of Denver Police and sheriff.

Question 2H (Election Day Change): YES 75% Move up the city’s general election from the first Tuesday of May in odd-numbered years to the first Tuesday in April.

Ordinance 300 (Pandemic Research Fund): NO 60% Increase Denver’s marijuana sales tax from 10.3% to 11.8% to raise $7 million annually for the University of Colorado Denver CityCenter — 75% for PPE, disinfection and sterilization technology, and design features, 25% for planning and public policy.

Ordinance 301 (Parks and Open Space): YES 63%Require voter approval for any development on city parks or land held in conservation easements.

Ordinance 302 (Conservation Easement): NO 62% Amend the definition of “conservation easement” to apply only to those reviewed and approved by the state Division of Conservation.

Ordinance 303 (Let’s Do Better): NO 55% Prevent camping on private property without written permission from owners. It would also allow up to four city-funded designated camping sites on public property with running water, restrooms, and lighting.  The measure would allow anyone to file a complaint and require the city to take enforcement action within three days.  If the city doesn’t take such action, anyone may sue the city and recover attorney fees.

Ordinance 304 (Enough Taxes Already): NO 62% Reduce Denver’s aggregate sales and use tax rate from 4.81% to 4.5%.  It caps the rate at 4.5% so if voters approve new sales taxes above the 4.5% cap, the city will need to adjust existing sales taxes to fit under the cap.

Aurora City Council

Ward I
Bill Gondrez 1,423
Scott Liva 325
Crystal Murillo 1,850

Ward II
Jessica Giammalvo 766
Robert Hamilton III 431
Bryan Lindstrom 2,559
Steve Sundberg 3,613

Ward III
Ruben Medina 2,686
Jono Scott 2,968

Candice Bailey 16.83%  15,219
Hanna Bogale 6.56%  5,934
Becky Hogan 13.22% 11,956
Danielle Jurinsky 21.37%  19,322
John Ronquillo 18.23%  16,487
Dustin Zvonek 23.79  21,509

Littleton mayor and city council

Jon Buck 3,114
Carol Fey 2,183
Kyle Schlachter 5,018

District I
Patrick Driscoll 961
Candice Ferguson 928

District III
Stephen Barr 1,386
Paul Bingham 1,052

At Large
Krista Kafer 4,682
Gretchen Rydin 5,327

Douglas County School Board

District B
Mike Peterson 53,813
Juli Watkins 42,170

District D
Ruby Martinez 40,022
Becky Myers 51,770

District E
Kevin Leung 43,901
Christy Williams 52,059

District G
Krista Holtzmann 43,373
Kaylee Winegar 52,479

Denver School Board

At large
Marla Benavides 16%
Scott Esserman 39%
Vernon Jones, Jr. 23%%
Jane Shirley16%
Nicky Yollick 6%

District 2
Xóchitl “Sochi” Gaytán 50.39%
Karolina Villagrana 49.61%

District 3
Mike Deguire 31.91%
Carrie Olson 68.09%

District 4
Gene Fashaw 40.94%
Michelle Quattlebaum 43.27%
José Silva 15.79%