A Democrat polling firm says their surveys are a flashing “warning sign” for Gov. Polis and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, whose approval ratings are slipping underwater fast along with President Biden’s increasing unpopularity.

Bennet’s favorability among those polled, which was weighted to match the state’s voter registration party divisions, is down to 40%.

Turns out Bennet wasn’t all that popular to begin with, and Joe Biden is still polling better than him in Colorado — more on that in a minute.

This poll was conducted Oct. 19-24 by the Democratic-firm Global Strategy Group, in partnership with the liberal ProgressNow Colorado.

They also conducted a similar poll in June, which showed Bennet’s approval rating at 46%.

Meanwhile Polis has a 49% favorable rating in the October poll, down from a whopping 56% in June.

That’s a significant hit in popularity, as both men head into reelection campaigns.

The Colorado Sun reported on the poll, which included 800 registered voters. Here’s what one of the poll sponsors had to say about it:

“Yes there’s been a little bit of a slip,” said Sara Loflin, who leads ProgressNow Colorado. But she said the poll clearly indicates Republicans “numbers are still in the toilet.”

According to those polls, the majority trusted Democrats more on every single issue than Republicans. 

As well they should, because almost all were issues Democrats care more about than Republicans, like climate change, abortion, socializing health care.

Not so much though, when it came to questions about the economy or taxes.

So take that for what it’s worth.

Oh, and Biden’s favorability was actually higher than Bennet’s at 45%, but his unfavorable rating was 50%.

If Democrats had to actually go to the polls and vote on Election Day like other Americans, they would be in dire shape in Colorado.