Remember when Jared Polis demanded Donald Trump release his tax returns in 2017, but then refused to release his own once he was elected governor?

The left-leaning ProPublica sure does.

In a hit piece published Thursday titled “How These Ultrawealthy Politicians Avoided Paying Taxes,” the publication takes Polis to the woodshed for being a tightwad when it comes to paying taxes.

The Colorado governor is one of several ultrarich politicians who, the data shows, have paid little or no federal income taxes in multiple years, exploited loopholes to dodge estate taxes or used their public offices to fight reforms that would increase their tax bills.

The report exposes in depth how Polis used his philanthropy to promote himself while keeping his tax rate “enviably low,” wiping out half the taxes he owed in many years.



While Polis’ charitable giving has helped keep the percentage of his income he pays in taxes low, he has also been able to keep his total taxable income relatively small by using another strategy common among the wealthy: investing in businesses that grow in value but produce minimal income.

Charities are supposed to be used to help the needy and less fortunate, the homeless, abused women and children.

But Polis looks like a selfish bastard who used his millions to promote his own political ambitions. 

Read the whole report here, which discloses that Polis’s sister is a contributor to ProPublica’s work.

Probably not anymore, though.