After nearly a year without in-person learning at school, these districts couldn’t figure out their staffing issues and had to cancel yet another day of school.

Boulder Valley School District has called off school for Friday because they can’t get enough teachers to come back to work the day after Veterans’ Day on Thursday.

So it’s a four-day weekend for nearly 500 teachers who pre-registered their absences, which will be a good warm-up for their Thanksgiving vacation in two weeks, and their Christmas break next month.

School staff and teachers who didn’t have the robust foresight to seize the day will treat Friday as a paid workday.

Meanwhile, many parents will be treating it as a day without pay to stay home with their children.

Superintendent Rob Anderson says that despite their “robust review and input process,” they still didn’t see this coming a mile away.

“While we do have a robust review and input process to develop our school calendars, we did not realize at the time of approving this calendar the staffing shortages we would be facing this year,” Anderson’s letter said. “As we approach next week, it became evident today that we will not have enough substitutes and central office staff to cover the number of absences expected next Friday.”

There will be no school Friday for Adams 12 Five Star Schools either, also due to a staffing shortage the day after a Thursday federal holiday no one saw coming.

The next time school boards mock parents and insist they have no say in managing their children’s education, keep in mind these union-controlled districts that can’t even manage work schedules to keep the school doors open.