Denver school board member Tay Anderson pledged in September to earn back the pubic’s trust after a private investigation failed to substantiate sexual assault allegations against the public official.

Now Anderson says he is “left with no choice but to take the necessary steps through legal action to clear my name and to do everything in my power to ensure our students feel safe in their schools regardless of which board member is present.”

So Anderson is suing Black Lives Matters 5280 and several others tied to the allegations for $1 million. 

From Chalkbeat:

Anderson said he lost out on job opportunities and earnings as an influencer and incurred significant legal expenses as a result of the accusations, in addition to the impact on his mental health and the well-being of his family.

“I did not come to this decision lightly and it pains me to once again bring attention to this traumatic experience, but I’m a victim of false allegations that almost took my life,” Anderson said on Twitter.

Filing a $1 million lawsuit seems like a strange way to earn back the public’s trust.

Is that to make up for his lost “earnings as an influencer?”

We wondered what he did for a living. Now we know.

Stay tuned.