What does it mean that only a small number of Peaceful Protestors™ turned out in Denver to block traffic and shout empty slogans after a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse Friday of killing two white men in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Certainly it was very cold outside, which makes it inconvenient to fight the forces of fascism.

Plus it’s hard to motivate lazy white kids whose extremism only extends to their laptop to get excited about spending their Friday night with a bunch of rapists and toxic males.

Oh yes, we called them toxic.

That’s the international sign for “okay,” you idiots.

It turns out there’s been some infighting among the anarchists, which erupted into a fistfight after they shouted empty slogans at one another.

We haven’t seen any media coverage of the protests and rally. As luck would have it, antifa recorded the whole mess for us on Twitter. 

It all started when the asshat on the bullhorn was shouted down as a rapist, and the accuser was then doxed by his fellow anarchists. 

Just to clarify, we don’t condone doxing. But we do condone Antifa doxing their own dipshits in videos they post on Twitter. 

So then this happened:

One of our favorite exchanges with a speaker: 

“Look at how small this crowd is.”



This speaker took over after the fight to get the group back on message — whining that hardly anyone showed up for their rally.

“I don’t know who is a rapist and who isn’t a rapist,” said the young woman, who explained she is a survivor multiple times over who does not condone rape.

“But I condone everybody being here because there is not enough of us,” she said.

Bless her heart.

Later on, police made some arrests as protestors demanded the cops give out their name and badge number for followers on social media.


More dipshitery.