It turns out those who rape, molest and sexually assault people are just sensitive creatures who need to be coddled into rehabilitation, according to Colorado bureaucrats who think they’ve found a way to help criminals feel better about themselves.

No longer will rapists or molesters be called sex offenders.

From now on, sex offenders, rapists and molesters shall be referred to as “adults who commit sexual offenses.”

We suspect it won’t be too long before rapists, molesters, sex offenders and “adults who commit sexual offenses” will just be shortened to “adults.”

The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board has voted to stop referring to sex offenders as sex offenders because of the negative impact it has on rapists and molesters.

The board was created by the general assembly to treat and monitor these people who do very bad things to other people.

It seems the treatment consists of always changing the name of the crime “adults” commit.

Or as we clearly prefer to call them, rapists and molesters. 

We don’t care if their feelings are hurt, and we seriously doubt they are unable to change their heinous ways because of a label.

But according to public defender Kathy Heffron, who supports this absurdity:

“I think this strikes a balance that honors the impact to victims and recognizes the current and ongoing impacts of sexual assault but also avoids the labelling term that has negative impacts on those who commit sex offenses.”

Well, God forbid there be a negative impact on those who rape and molest.

And just so we’re clear, changing the name of a crime does not honor victims.

In this case, it trivializes the impact on victims.

Shame on the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board.