It’s time 9News acknowledges something that should be obvious by now.

The network holds Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl to a different standard than not just every other Democrat in Colorado, but pretty much every Democrat in America.

Clark and his intrepid sleuth Marshal Zelinger ran tracking footage on their show this week that featured comments from Ganahl at an event in Durango a few weeks ago.

The supposed “scandal” was that Ganahl called for overwhelming turnout next November to eliminate any question about a victory over Gov. Polis.

The “fixing” Ganahl was referencing was likely just acknowledging that Polis has near-infinite financial resources to pursue litigation in the event of a close race, and a two-bit partisan hack in the Secretary of State’s office.

Both assets could come in quite handy for Polis if the gubernatorial race ended up being close.

Further, Ganahl’s rhetoric has been commonplace for decades among pretty much any campaign facing the prospect of a close race.

But what’s deeply amusing about this story is Clark seems to be unaware Ganahl’s refrain calling for a decisive win to eliminate post-election questions has been more recently associated with Democrats.

Just take… well, gee let’s see here… Hillary Clinton’s 2020 DNC Convention speech.

We don’t recall Clark or anyone else at 9News during the DNC opining about Clinton baselessly blaming Russian election rigging for her loss.

For those keeping score at home, that’s because they didn’t.

We also wonder whether Amber McReynolds, whom Biden has appointed to the U.S. Postal Service’s board of governors, would apply her same standard to Clinton.


The reality is Ganahl’s quote calling for a win by a large margin could have just as easily come from any other politician faced with a close race.

The only difference is that Ganahl happens to be a Republican.

And what we see over and over again is that 9News holds Republican women to a far different standard.