Denver’s Union Station is a case study in what happens when you put Democrats in charge who care more about the woke mob than public safety.

Drug use and crime are rampant around the major transit hub that’s turning into a homeless camp. The area around Union Station actually has the 7th highest concentration of violent crime in the entire state.

And no one is doing anything about it.

Now the RTD Union is calling on RTD management to step up and address the situation because of the increased risk to RTD employees and riders.

A press release released by the RTD union Wednesday called Union Station a “lawless hellhole.”

As do RTD’s employees, who “heroically risked their own health to get first responders and other essential workers to work during a pandemic,” Longenbohn said in a press release. “They now face an increased risk of being assaulted on the job and every day they have no choice but to endure Denver Union Station because that is where RTD forces them to be.”


The union urged for more to be done for the safety of RTD passengers and employers.

RTD claimed they are planning a multi-pronged response, but we’ll believe that when we see it.

Ironically, one man claims the closure of Civic Center Park has made the situation worse as those addicts simply relocated to Union Station.

Unless Democrats have the political will to enforce the law consistently (which they obviously don’t), these are precisely the results we should expect.

RTD has their own board of elected governors but when Colorado’s largest public transit hub outside of DIA is a “hellhole,” the buck stops with Governor Polis and Mayor Hancock.

Frankly, we’ve seen more concern from Polis about RTD expanding FasTracks between Denver, Boulder, and Longmont than the deteriorating public safety situation that threatens riders and workers alike.

Polis can’t really say much however because he’s also overseen an epic crime wave that’s overtaken the state at a level we have’t experienced since the 90s.

At the end of the day the governor, like Democrats in the General Assembly, own Denver’s Decay. Next year they will get to answer for it at the ballot box.