Those whacky locals up in Breckenridge really know how to make tourists feel welcome.

Check out this video uploaded to Tik Tok of the parade from this weekend’s Ullr Fest where they were giving out free condoms, but only for certain visitors.

Hilarious, right? Come and get your free condoms if you’re not vaccinated, because we don’t want you to reproduce, you filthy scumbags.

Breckenridge should add that to their tourism campaign: “Bring your unvaccinated girlfriend on a ski vacation here and we’ll make sure she doesn’t get pregnant!”

But seriously, leave it to some loony leftist in Breck to think that wasn’t creepy, at all.

Attendees at this annual winter festival tend to drink too much and burn stuff in the name of Ullr, the Norse God of snow, in the hopes he will bestow many powder days upon them.

We’re surprised they didn’t just offer sacrifices to Freyr, the Norse God of fertility, to smite the unvaccinated.