When schools spend more time indoctrinating kids into their world of progressive politics than teaching the basics of reading and math, this is what we get:

With inflation pushing up energy prices coupled with Joe Biden’s policies to eliminate domestic energy production, we were eager to learn about this magical new progressive mathematics used by U.S. Rep. Jason Crow in which minus equals plus.

So we asked our source, Mr. Google, how does Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan save on energy bills?

It turns out the government spends billions of dollars a year to help poor people buy new windows to save energy. The government also subsidizes energy costs for poor people, so … anyway, this is the $500 savings Democrats are crowing about.

The bill also boosts investment to help weatherize homes and put energy efficiency within reach for low-income and middle-class families, contributing to an estimated $500 per household in annual savings on energy bills.

By the way, this is not new spending. This government program has been heavily funded since 1976.

If you’re not poor enough to get savings on government subsidized windows, try the Build Back Broke’s proposals to save a few dimes when spending a ton of cash.

If Coloradans spend about $18,000 to install rooftop solar panels, then the government will return 30% of their own money in the form of a one-time tax break.

Now you’re only out $12,600, plus interest.

Or, buy a $100,000 Tesla and get a rebate of up to $12,500. 

On top of that, Biden wants to levy new fees on methane emissions produced by oil and gas companies, which is expected to cost jobs and raise energy prices for consumers, writes Paul Griffin in the Durango Herald.

Colorado’s senators, Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper, should think twice about supporting this provision, given the Western Slope’s substantial energy production and reliance on natural gas for electricity.

The Democrats should think twice before signing off on this whole outrageous pork spending package that spends trillions in real math, not progressive math, then pretends it won’t cost taxpayers a thing.