Democrats are in desperate need of a boogeyman upon which to blame out-of-control inflation they’ve caused with their out-of-control spending and anti-energy policies.

Asked whether President Biden agreed with progressive groups that “corporate greed is a big driver of inflation right now,” the White House wildly deflected and blamed it all on the cattle industry.

It’s basically Kevin Costner’s fault and all those greedy cowboys, explained Jen Psaki, White House Propagandist Secretary.

Democrats and the Biden administration would have us believe that beef producers, meat-processing companies, and everyone in between somehow magically escaped labor shortages faced by everyone else during the pandemic shutdown.

The cost of beef is somehow exempt from soaring grain and feed prices, we are supposed to believe. 

Beef producers weaved some sort of mystical spell to protect their industry against the inflated costs for energy and transportation, or something. 

There’s no coincidence at all this pathetic excuse from the White House coincides with Consumer Price Index reports that energy prices are up 60% this year, ten times the rate of inflation for food.

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association tells 9News that many smaller ranches are struggling to turn a profit because processing companies like JBS in Greeley are backed up due to COVID staffing issues, and the cyber attack. 

“I think the backup is still more significant now than what we saw previous to the pandemic,” said Terry Fankhauser, executive vice president of the association.


He said everything from COVID to staffing shortages, to supply chain issues, to smaller processors shutting down, is causing the backup. Part of the backup problem, he said, is also because demand has gone up for meat that comes directly from ranchers.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet couldn’t be bothered to defend Colorado’s beef industry against the White House attacks.

However, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas pointed out this record inflation occurred on the Democrat’s watch as a result of Democrat policies.

Look, we’ve had this pandemic for two years.


We didn’t have record inflation in 2020, we only had it in 2021 when the Democrats are in charge, spending trillions of dollars to make sure that there’s more money chasing fewer goods because of all the lockdowns and the capacity restrictions you still have in Democratic-governed states.


First it was oil and gas companies, next it’s meat conglomerates. Maybe next week it’s going to the Elf on the Shelf when there aren’t enough Christmas presents under the tree.