Colorado state workers will be surprised to learn Gov. Polis now professes to believe vaccines should be a matter of choice, as opposed to the government mandate he imposed on them in September.

The Democrat’s comments on freedom during this time of COVID came during an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox (Gasp!) News.

“I think at some level this becomes a matter of individual responsibility, individual freedom, informed choice,” Polis said.

Except Polis’s idea of choice and freedom is to force state employees to get the shot or get tested for COVID twice a week for all eternity.

That’s not freedom, baby.

But according to this new and strange sounding Polis:

“We try to provide science-based information for the health and safety with that we all need from doctors we know and trust with, of course, the individual freedom and local control that we deserve. So put the information out there. I think the evidence is overwhelming. Neal, the vaccine helps protect you, reduces the death rate significantly 15 times is what we’re seeing here in Colorado.”

But what about all these other states where governors are imposing mandates to force people to get vaccinated, Cavuto asked?

Rather than admit Colorado is one such state and he is one such governor that has done exactly that, Polis responded:

“You can’t at the end of the day, force people to do something they don’t want to do. I think you have to look into why there’s this resistance. I think some of it comes out of misinformation. Some of it comes out of the fact that some people just don’t like to be forced, even if it’s something that’s good. They want to be informed and make that decision on their own. I think we’ve got to get the right data in front of people to see the overwhelming evidence.”

This doesn’t sound like our progressive governor who locked us down, closed businesses for nearly a year, canceled Christmas and mandates vaccines for state workers. 

This sounds like the same politician who reminded us he’s up for reelection when he told the media last week the COVID emergency is over.

Only now it appears Polis wants to up his game to a higher ambition— running for president against Joe Biden in the 2024 Democratic primary.

CNN is already reporting that Biden will be 82 and too old to serve another term.

The unabashed liberal network has put forth several Democrat names for consideration should Biden decide against a second term, all of whom Tucker Carlson mocked during his show just hours after Cavuto.

Then this happened:

Polis for president?

Neither the NYT or CNN mentioned Polis as a potential candidate. Thanks for stirring the pot, Fox News.

That would explain his bold-faced lies double talk on vaccine mandates, and this whole new persona that believes in freedom and individual responsibility.

So does this mean Polis will cancel the vaccine mandate for state employees and hospital workers?

A real journalist should probably ask him about this, as opposed to simply fawning over Fox News dropping his name as a potential for president because Polis said he would support eliminating the state income tax, but hasn’t actually lifted a finger to make it so.