U.S. Rep. Jason Crow reports that despite getting vaxed, maxed, and traveling abroad on the taxpayers’ dime to Ukraine, he has tested positive for COVID. 

None of the media reports indicate when exactly Crow was in Ukraine or when he returned or when he tested positive.

But we do know he talked about the Russian military buildup along the border there, and our U.S. embassy bragged about his visit before we learned Crow was a COVID carrier.

It has yet to be reported exactly which variant Crow has contracted — Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Negan, Delta or Omicron.

Widely reported, however, are Crow’s pleas for everyone to get vaccinated and boosted to protect “our community” from the spread of the virus from people like him who are vaccinated and boosted.

We’re glad to hear he’s only experiencing mild symptoms since he contracted it (?) days ago, and hope he has a quick recovery.

Also reporting so-called breakthrough cases — that’s when you take three doses of the vaccine and catch the virus — are U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, and Cory Booker, New Jersey Democrat.