Gov. Polis doesn’t have any good ideas when it comes to inflation relief for struggling Coloradans.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, the Democrat millionaire was given a national platform upon which to dazzle us all with his brilliance in handling money and saving us a few bucks.

He failed on both counts.

Asked how government can help people, Polis suggested maybe cutting vehicle registration fees or eliminating that $50 fee to start an LLC, enough savings to take the whole family out for dinner at McDonalds, but not much else.

His other big ideas were more government handouts and welfare. 

Last we checked, dumping trillions more in bloated government onto the inflated economy is the exact opposite of inflation relief. It’s inflating the inflation. 

And yet that was the best idea Polis could come up with — passing U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s welfare scam, also known as the child tax credit. 

And once families who make up to $150,000 a year get that extra $21,000 a year in government handouts for their four kids through that $1 trillion taxpayer-paid program, government should also subsidize their child care.

Watch the video of Polis’ appearance here.

Polis said President Biden should do something about high gas prices, but neglected to mention how production has dwindled since his own administration took control in 2019.

Democrats have no desire to reduce gas or energy prices, which leads to increased cost of food and consumer goods, because they believe it is the primary cause of climate change. 

They want us to get used to being broke and relying on government handouts, because that way lies socialism.