Democrats don’t want blind justice, they want mob rule and Gov. Polis might just give it to them.

Millions of real and phony signatures to an internet petition that dates back three years now demands clemency for truck driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos,  who was convicted recently of killing four people in a fiery crash on I-70 in 2019.

Life in prison is too mean, he should go free because he didn’t mean to kill four people, activists and their friends in the establishment media now insist. 

Armed with the questionable internet petition, bogus rumors of a boycott by truck drivers, lots of media attention and an upcoming election, progressives are on the verge of essentially overturning a jury’s verdict.

The League of United Latin American Citizens met with Polis Wednesday and says the governor is considering a clemency request to let Aguilera-Mederos go free with time served.

From League President Domingo Garcia: 

“We had a very open, frank conversation about a path forward that acknowledges the lives lost, those who were hurt, and what is fair for the man convicted in this tragic accident. Our message to Governor Polis is clear; this is a case of a tragedy being turned into an egregious injustice of Colorado’s criminal court system. Life in prison for a man who is a trucker and whose brakes went out is too harsh and not an appropriate sentence for the alleged crime.”

Contrary to the media coverage now, when Aguilera-Mederos was found guilty a few months ago, the media reported:

The driver of a semitrailer who barreled down Interstate 70 with failing brakes, slamming into stopped traffic in Lakewood and killing four people in a fiery 28-car pileup, was convicted Friday of more than two dozen criminal charges including vehicular homicide.


The crash sparked fires as the lumber on Aguilera-Mederos’ truck ignited, with temperatures on the highway reaching more than 2,500 degrees, authorities said. That portion of the interstate remained closed for more than 24 hours.


“This is the result of the defendant pulling over near Berthoud Pass because his brakes were smoking away, but he chose to get back in that truck and keep driving,” (the prosecutor) told the jury.

So he knew his brakes were failing, and yet he kept going down the mountain fully loaded with lumber.

He refused to plea bargain before his case went to trial, insisting that he be let off with a traffic ticket, George Brauchler said on his KNUS radio show.

People burned to death in their car, and this guy wanted to walk with a traffic ticket?

That doesn’t sound like he places much value on the lives he took or acknowledged his reckless behavior. 

How many points on his license did he think was worth the deaths of four people?

We’re about to find out just how much value Gov. Polis puts on the lives of the four people who were killed and all of those who were injured by the actions of a truck driver hauling a load of lumber down the steep interstate who knew his brakes were failing.

If Aguilera-Mederos serves only three years in jail, that’s less than one year per life.

Also caving to public pressure, Denver District Attorney Alexis King is reconsidering the life sentence.