U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is so desperate for any attention at all to pass his trillion dollar social welfare program, he appeared on MSNBC with Chris Hayes.

But wait, it gets even more pathetic.

Bennet’s so-called child tax credit was intended as a temporary boost this year.

Without a hint of shame, MSNBC reports, “Under the provision, married couples making less than $150,000 a year receive a monthly check for each child under the age of 18.”

That’s right, according to Bennet, children are living in poverty with parents who make upwards of $150,000 a year. 

Bennet said the program has worked as he expected, and that parents are spending the money on necessities such as food, rent, and – crucially – child care “so they can stay at work to support their families.”

How in the world does Bennet know how people are spending these welfare checks each month? Is the IRS monitoring bank accounts? We thought that idea had already been defeated.

The good news is that Bennet’s proposal is so extreme, it’s what has doomed Biden’s Build Back Busted bill from passing this year.

Even better news, the bill’s prospects for next year look just as dim.