The must-watch spectacle of this election season is unfolding in Aurora where the man of many accomplishments, all of them seemingly bogus, is running in the Democrat primary for House District 42.

The seat was vacated by Democrat state Rep. Dominique Jackson, who was recently appointed administrator of Housing and Urban Development Region 8 by President Biden. 

A half-dozen Democrats have already jumped into the race, including a man by the name of Eric Nelson, whom PeakNation™ will remember lost that same election to Jackson back in 2016 when he served on the Aurora Board of Education.

Nelson was busted back then for running on a record of academic and military accomplishments that the Colorado Statesman, and an independent review by the board, were wholly unable to actual verify.

Here’s the original report, republished by Colorado Politics, which beautifully captures the lost art of what happens when journalists actually question what a Democrat tells them.

Colorado Politics reported again on Nelson’s political history Monday, and the findings of the school board’s review of his resume:

Nelson was censured by that board in 2016 for falsifying or overstating his academic and military credentials. As first reported by The Colorado Statesman, and according to a report commissioned by the board, Nelson “falsified his academic history and exaggerated his professional affiliations.” The report said of the four college degrees he listed on his resume, none exists, and that he supplied “altered diplomas in an effort to substantiate three of his degrees. He also sought to represent himself in photos on social media as an Air Force officer, although it appears he was only an enlistee in the Air Force for several weeks.” He also claimed to be a contributor to 40 organizations, but “some of these organizations have no idea who he is, or that he inflated his contributions to include a claim of a board member position,” the report said, adding, “It would appear his inflated resume and academic achievements could have influenced his level of participation with these organizations.”

Nelson denied the reports at the time, calling them political attacks. He stood by his record, which he insisted could speak for itself.

Read the full report here that dissects Nelson’s claims, which by all accounts paints a fairly clear picture of stolen valor. 

It will be interesting to see what Nelson has been up to for the past five years and what updates have been made to his resume.