Gov. Jared Polis is a “despicable human being” for knocking 100 years off the truck driver’s sentence who caused the fiery I-70 crash and four fatalities, says the brother of one victim.

For those who missed the news that broke just as 1,000 homes were going up in flames in his home county of Boulder, Polis decided to commute that sentence from life in prison to 10 years.

Polis’ decision followed the delivery of a petition to his office signed by millions of social media accounts operated by God-only-knows, and pressure from within his own voter base as Polis enters the reelection season. 

We’re not suggesting a league of progressives and activists in the Democrat Party rallied around driver Rogel Aguilera-Mederos just because he’s an immigrant. They do the same for white American males accused of killing four people all the (checks notes) … never.

It was awful timing that reeks of politics and everything that’s going wrong with this country as the rule of law turns to mob rule with fashionable sentencing guidelines prescribed by the freaking Kardashians. 

“The governor has decided political and social media pressure is more important than the victims of this crash,” Duane Bailey stated.


More than five million people signed an online petition to reduce the driver’s 110-year sentence. The movement made headlines nationwide and caught the attention of celebrity activist Kim Kardashian West, who called on Polis to take action — and then praised his decision.

Well, if it has the Kardashian seal of approval, Polis probably sleeps better at night with his decision.

William Bailey was killed in the crash, along with Miguel Angel Lamas Arellano, Doyle Harrison, and Stanley Politano.

Their lives, according to Polis, were worth 2.5 years.