The DIA lawyer who put on an unexpected and embarrassing show during the airport’s Christmas party while literally demonstrating his theory on police tactics has resigned.

CBS4 originally reported early last week that Scott McCoy slapped one of his employees in front of airport CEO Phil Washington and other airport execs.

McCoy acknowledges he got physical with Everett Martinez, but tells the Denver Post his hand never made contact with Martinez’s face.

McCoys says he only resigned because he didn’t want the incident to become a “distraction.”

Also, no one is accepting his apology.

 Peak posted on the incident just hours before McCoy’s resignation over the Dec. 16 event:

‘Seasons Beatings:’ DIA’s holiday party for execs goes sideways with slap down

At some point during the discussion, McCoy “jumped up and violently slapped (Everett ) Martinez in the face multiple times and yelled commands at him, nearly knocking Martinez out of his chair,” CBS4 reports. 

Now McCoy tells the Denver Post that’s not what happened during his discussion on police de-escalation techniques: 

“My recollection is that I was touching (the other attorney) on the shoulder, and I was also waving my hand really close to his face,” McCoy said, before adding: “I shouldn’t have touched anybody without making myself really clear. That was a mistake.”


McCoy told The Post he’d had very little alcohol to drink and was not intoxicated — “absolutely not.”

A spokeswoman for the city attorney’s office maintains there was a prompt investigation of the “unfortunate situation,” but declined to inform on the findings of that two week investigation that resulted in McCoy’s swift resignation after it was reported in the media.

CBS4 reports City Attorney Kristin Bronson is considering stepping in as interim general counsel for the airport, which seems to be a rather cozy conclusion.