The Republican primary for Colorado’s 8th Congressional District is officially heating up as another candidate entered the race and former Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann announced her quarterly fundraising numbers.

Former Army Green Beret Tyler Allcorn sent out a press release announcing his candidacy earlier this week.

“Everything I fought for on the battlefield is at risk both at home and abroad from the radical liberal policies being pursued in Washington, DC.,” said Tyler Allcorn, 37, in a statement announcing his candidacy.


“Radical liberals like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are pushing through policies domestically that are crushing the ability of Coloradans in the 8th District to pay their bills, live in safe neighborhoods, work in the oil & gas industry, and provide a better future for their children,” [Allcorn said].


Internationally, their disastrous exit from Afghanistan has created a more dangerous world and served as an open invitation to countries like Russia and China to test our resolve across the globe.”

“True moderates, like Biden and Pelosi”?

If Bidlack thinks dumping another $1.8 trillion into the economy on top of Biden’s $1.9 trillion spring stimulus is a sign of moderation, then we shudder to think what he would consider radical.

Former Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann also made waves in the 8th Congressional District primary this week, telling the press she plans to announce over $150,000 in fundraising since announcing her run a few weeks ago.

That’s a solid number for Kulmann, who coupled her announcement with an endorsement from former Weld County State Sen. John Cooke.

“Jan is an engineer, a mayor and a working mom — not one of these career politicians,” Cooke said in a statement. “Even while serving as mayor and city councilmember, Jan’s never stopped working in the oil and gas industry. And Jan has proven she can beat Democrats and liberal interest groups when the stakes are highest.”

Donors and parties want to spend their money where it will make a difference. And, that’s where Colorado’s new congressional district comes into play.


The new 8th CD will be one of the most competitive races in the country. The Cook Political Report rates it as a “Republican Toss Up.” If the Republicans can avoid selecting an extreme candidate, they will have a great opportunity to win this seat.

The 8th Congressional district primary now consists of Tyler Allcorn, Ryan Gonzalez, Jewels Gray, State Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, Kulmann, and former State Rep. Lori Saine.