When President Biden came to Boulder last week to tout his doomed Build Back Better bill while ostensibly consoling fire victims, some key members of the state’s Democrat delegation were in attendance.

But not everyone was willing to share photos of themselves with the unpopular president that might be used against them in this fall’s hotly contested elections.

Neither did anyone share photos of themselves with First Lady Doctor Jill, who made the bizarrely inappropriate decision to wear a white skirt to view fire damage. And no, it was not a winter white. Doesn’t look like she got any soot on her.  

But this dog seemed happy enough to cooperate for the establishment Beltway media in his photo op.

Likewise, freshman U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper made a rare proof-of-life appearance and seemed quite eager and pleased to be seen with Biden, sharing this photo on his Twitter feed.

But not everyone was so eager to share the official photo op on their own social media pages.

We’re looking at you, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, hiding in the shadows on the outskirt of the photo by Gov. Polis.

This was the only photo Bennet shared on his social media pages. It’s not even his own tweet, it’s another Hick tweet.

Nowhere to be seen is the president of these here United States.

But that’s okay, we grabbed A shot while Bennet was appearing at the press conference with Biden, who of course made one of his famous Biden gaffes. 

“We’re not going away,” Biden assured of the federal government.

And neither will this photo.