Noticeably absent from the litany of pop cultures references in Gov. Polis’ State of the State address was his new chief advisor on criminal reform, Kim Kardashian West.

The attention-seeking socialite who rocketed to stardom through sex tapes and a vapid reality show now moonlights as a criminal justice reformer for high profile cases.

She adopted Rogel Aguilera-Mederos as her recent cause celebre and launched a social media lobbying campaign to persuade Gov. Polis to commute the truck driver’s life sentence for killing four people after his brakes failed.

What the media keep forgetting to mention, is the prosecution’s case that argued the driver failed to use runaway truck ramps to avert the crash altogether, and the driver was found guilty by a jury.

Polis decided those four lives were worth 10 years tops, and used his executive authority as a sort of judicial veto to cut the sentence to Kardashian West’s satisfaction.

The queen of botox thanked Polis on her Instagram:

Kim Kardashian West thanked Gov. Polis on Instagram

Which brings us to the coverup.

Polis now refuses to say how much his decision to knock 100 years off the sentence, rebuffed by family of the victims, was influenced by Kardashian West.

When asked point blank, Polis offered a muddled non-denial, saying, “I’ve communicated with many people, I don’t have any specific references.”

The media seems to have some inside knowledge that Polis consulted with Kardashian.

From Colorado Politics:

The governor’s office did not deny meeting with the celebrity-turned-activist, but the governor refused to answer when, where or how the meeting took place, who initiated it, the context of the discussion, or if they talked about other matters, notably criminal justice policies.


Gubernatorial spokesperson Conor Cahill would only say various people contacted the governor’s office about Aguilera-Mederos’ 110-year sentence, which Polis viewed as “bizarre.” Cahill said many wanted Polis to issue a complete pardon.

Former District Attorney George Brauchler dropped the transparency flag on Polis’s play. 

There’s no rule that says elected officials get to keep their advisors secret when it comes to decisions that directly affects their constituents, Brauchler argued.

Especially when the decision reeks of politics, designed to appeal to a certain political base of progressives who view America’s system of justice as just another fashion statement that looks hot when worn by a Kardashian. 

Kim Kardashian plays poker while wearing mirrored sunglasses.