Colorado Democrats kicked off their legislative agenda of saving people money by comparing state voting laws in America to the harsh segregationist Apartheid laws that once ruled South Africa.

Quick refresher course, Apartheid required that everyone in South Africa be classified and divided by race. Democrats, please make a note of that.

Under Apartheid, interracial marriage was prohibited, and the land was literally divided into zones where Black people were allowed to live and work, and White people could live and work. 

Black people weren’t even on the voting roles during Apartheid, which lasted from 1948 to 1994.

But according to state Sen. Chris Hansen, Denver Democrat, America is sliding into Apartheid. We’re just like that.

“The top priority for the apartheid government was to restrict the right to vote,” he said, arguing that America’s experiment in representative democracy will not survive if Congress doesn’t act to reverse state laws that he said restrict people’s ability to access the ballot box.


“We cannot move backwards,” Hansen said. “We will not stand by silently while forces act to restrict the right to vote.”

According to Colorado Politics, Hansen was recounting “his time in South Africa shortly after the county began dismantling the apartheid regime.”

Just so we’re clear, Hansen was about 18 when Apartheid ended. He wasn’t sent there on some legislative junket for a quick study on all things evil and Apartheid.

Also, the main purpose of Apartheid was to separate the races and Black people along tribal lines through segregation to subvert their political power. 

Ironically, the Democrat Party is guilty of doing the exact same thing ideologically to divide White and Black people in order to hold onto their own political power. 

Hansen was defending the so-called Voting Rights Bill being debated in the U.S. Senate, which seeks to take power from the states and nationalize election laws.

Democrats point to recent election laws enacted in Georgia as the trigger, which is as absurd as it is insulting.

It’s not Apartheid to require an ID when requesting an absentee ballot, and contrary to what progressive White people think, minorities are perfectly capable of getting an ID card. It’s not rocket science.

As a matter of fact, ID has been required in Georgia to vote since 2008, and voter registration and turnout has only increased. During the last three federal elections, Georgia had a higher overall percentage turnout than New York.

The Voting Rights Bill headed for defeat in the U.S. Senate would force states to cancel their ID requirements that have been in place for decades, which didn’t stop Joe Biden or the first Black president Bill Clinton Barak Obama from getting elected, either. 

Here are the other problems with the Democrats’ bill that have been identified by the Heritage Foundation: 

  • Ban state photo voter ID laws, including prohibiting any ID for absentee ballots or the signature of a witness, making it impossible to verify the authenticity of the vote;
  • Make it easy to commit fraud and promote chaos at the polls by requiring states to implement same-day voter registration, giving election officials no time to verify the accuracy of the registration and the eligibility of the voter or to anticipate the number of ballots and election workers needed at polling places;
  • Degrade the accuracy of voter registration lists by severely restricting the ability of states to verify the eligibility and qualifications of voters and removing ineligible voters;
  • Require states to allow online voter registration not tied to an existing state record on an individual, such as a driver’s license, which would open up registration systems to massive voter registration fraud by cyber criminals;
  • Require states to automatically register individuals to vote from state and federal databases, such as state Departments of Motor Vehicles, which would result in the registration of ineligible voters, including aliens, and cause multiple registrations of the same individuals (the sponsors know this, which is why they’ve put in an immunity-from-prosecution provision for aliens who get registered);
  • Give unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats at the U.S. Department of Justice veto authority over most election changes made by state legislatures – an invasion of state sovereignty that violates federalism and overrides the decisions of the voters and their elected state representatives to determine the election rules for their state;
  • Require states to restore the ability of felons to vote the moment they exit prison, voiding state requirements that criminals first complete all the requirements of their sentence such as parole, probation and restitution payments to their victims;
  • Provide a public funding program for congressional candidates, forcing taxpayers to support candidates they would never vote for or send campaign contributions to;
  • Force states to provide drop boxes for absentee ballots without requiring any security protocols, as well as force states to allow voter trafficking, i.e., letting paid political operatives, candidates, campaign staffers and others with a stake in the outcome of the election to pick up and handle absentee ballots; and
  • Implement a whole series of restrictions and changes to federal campaign laws that would limit political speech and turn the Federal Election Commission into a partisan law enforcement agency.

As Americans of all political persuasions continue to reject the bizarre direction in which progressive are driving us, Democrats have become desperate to hold onto power.

Hansen’s speech was over-the top and his comparison to Apartheid is an insult to Americans who reject racism at every level, including at the ballot box.

Republicans just want to dissuade cheaters in future elections, not segregate the races.