Americans used to teach children that sticks and stones might break their bones, but words would never hurt them.

But today’s youth are terrified of words, and freedom of speech has become Public Enemy Number One at campuses like Colorado State University.

Not only are words dangerous and hurtful, but the freedom to express one’s opinion is causing catastrophic damage to young adults who are in need of multiple avenues of counseling — apparently. 

Thanks to new signage, CSU students know where to turn whenever freedom of speech strikes.

“If you (or someone you know) are affected by a free speech event on campus, here are some resources,” reads the sign, a picture of which was posted on Instagram by Turning Point USA Rockies Territory.

Listed are 17 different university departments that can help students deal with the pressure of freedom, including the Victim’s Assistance Hotline, the Student Diversity Program centers for women, the disabled, Asian Pacific Americans, Black and African Americans, Native Americans, and the Pride Resource Center. 

Multicultural counseling is offered, and complaints can be lodged with the Dean of Students.

There’s also an employee assistance program for professors who also can’t cope with free speech. 

But seriously, what students and faculty really need are classes on the Constitution, understanding and coping with the Bill of Rights, and training on how to handle freedom in today’s make-believe world of oppression.