New polling numbers are so bad for Democrats who have complete control of state government, the Denver Post even reported on it.

Mostly so they could try and spin the results.

But here it is in a nutshell, our progressive-minded friends, so read it and weep liberal tears:

The poll found negative net favorability ratings for Democratic Colorado state legislators (-13.1%), Biden (-14.5%) and elected Democrats in D.C. (-19%) — but Polis rated with a net favorability of 6.6%.

That was their good news — Polis has a 6.6% favorability rating.

But wait, there’s more!

The poll included 510 likely Colorado voters who were 44% unaffiliated, 29% Democrat and 26% Republican. 

The poll was conducted by Cygnal for the Republican State Leadership Commission, and tests issues that Republicans are prioritizing this year to see if their priorities match with the public. 

Spoiler alert: They do.

But according to the Post spin, the popularity of the GOP issues explains why Polis is positioning himself along the same lines.

As if.

The majority of respondents, more than 31%, said the top priority for the legislature should be to address the cost of living.

Also popular with voters, getting back to normal and moving past the pandemic, favored by 18%. Creating jobs and growing the economy clocked in at 13%.

Just to clarify, these aren’t Polis’s positions, that’s his repositioning for reelection.

The cherry on top:

Despite the governor’s evident popularity, 47.4% of poll respondents said they would “probably” or “definitely” support Republican state legislative candidates “who would act as a check and balance on Gov. Polis,” while 43.5% of respondents said they would “probably” or “definitely” support Democrat state legislative candidates who support the governor’s agenda.