The proverbial door swung hard this week as Dawn Comstock was dismissed from her queenship at the Jefferson County Board of Health.

In typical fashion, there was zero transparency from the board of health as to why she was suddenly resigned.

The Denver Post reports her resignation followed a lengthy meeting of the health board behind closed doors to discuss the lone agenda item — Comstock’s employment. 

None of the board members commented publicly about what happened in the two-hour executive session or whether they had asked for Comstock’s resignation. No public explanation was offered as to her departure.


About two hours after the meeting, Jefferson County Public Health released a statement from Jahn thanking Comstock for her “public health expertise and guidance” during the pandemic.

So there you have it. As the song goes: “Ding dong …”

Known as a tyrant by her subjects who were forced to live under her rule for nearly two years, news of her sudden ouster was met with great joy.

As usual, some in the media had to make it all about the evil conservatives, even though Comstock seemed equally despised by her subjects.

So now what?