A generic Republican willing to take on Gov. Jared Polis — doesn’t matter who — is within five points of beating him come the November election.

That’s according to a poll commissioned by a conservative group that supports school choice policies. 

And according to Colorado Politics:

The group, Ready Colorado, attributed Polis’s solid showing to, among other factors, his support for school choice policies.

The report goes on to describe Polis’s numbers as solid — he beats a generic Republican 48.6% to 43.6%, but other findings show those numbers are tenuous. 

Polis is spinning hard to the middle right this election year because his past actions and polices have made him vulnerable.

An overwhelming 70% of Coloradans polled said the country is on the wrong track.

Enough were more generous of their home state to split 45% to 45% when asked if Colorado was on the wrong track.

The poll shows U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet would also lose to (insert any Republican candidate here) by 44.8% to 45.9%.

Colorado Politics reports the poll also shows State Treasurer Dave Young a point down from (Any Republican, anyone at all. Just run).

A whopping 67% of parents are opposed to remote learning, while voters in general agree with 59% saying it’s a bad idea.

Too bad the poll didn’t ask what Coloradans think about teachers holding sickouts and encouraging kids to walk out of classrooms and missing even more school days, because teacher unions want bargaining rights in Douglas County. 

The survey of 630 likely Colorado voters was conducted in mid January.