The children of Denver will finally get to see each others faces again when the school mask mandate is now projected to end on Feb. 25. 

Of this year.

And just so you know, Tay Anderson is not happy about it. Not one bit.

The socialist Democrat and vice president of the Denver Public School board had vowed to make masks part of Dress Code Law to ensure the mandate stayed in place through the end of the semester.

Anderson is a true believer in science, for which he claims to be prosecuted, and his scientific Magic Eight Ball predicted masks would no longer be needed by May 28.  

However, it appears the rest of the school board isn’t willing to go along with Tay’s silly stunt.

From Tay’s statement:

“ … in consultation with some of my colleagues, I am confident I do not have the support to move that policy proposal forward. I respect their opinions, even if we disagree. This is an example of good governance.”

So good governance is when someone who truly believes they hold the scientific facts like Tay does to mandate masks until June, but abandons their mission because no one else agrees with him? Got it.

“ … I must reiterate my strong support for masking because the science said it works to reduce the spread of multiple viruses, not only COVID. I encourage students, educators, and families to voice their opinions on this decision at our next public comment session on February 24th, 2022.”

By his reasoning, masks should never come off.

Anderson goes on to cite CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stating that students should be “encouraged” to wear masks, as somehow backing his scientific belief that masks should be mandated until June, or until all viruses are defeated.

Thank you to all those who have complied with the mandate since 2020. The road has been long, but public health officials at DDPHE said the light is at the end of the tunnel, and I’ll believe that once that tunnel truly ends.”