Jared Polis has completed his election year transition from Governor Gloom and Doom, who once cursed and threatened his subjects with certain death if they did not follow his edicts, to shameless politician.

Polis appeared on Fox News Sunday to brag about his big idea to get inflation under control in Colorado, which ranks as the highest in the nation.

By not raising our gas tax an additional two pennies a gallon this year, Polis thinks that will help solve our problems.

Saving twenty to fifty cents a fill-up and a coupon might be enough to put beef on the dinner table a year from now, but that’s not even a baby step in the right direction. 

And while trying to look all noble and decent to a national conservative audience, Polis also had this to say about the never-ending pandemic and mask mandates.

As other states begin to ease their mask restrictions, Coloradans should show “civility and respect” to people who choose to continue to wear a mask — and vice versa, Gov. Jared Polis said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”


“If you’re somebody who doesn’t like wearing masks, respect those who do. If you’re somebody who likes wearing masks, please respect those who don’t,” said Polis, a Democrat.

Who the Hell is that guy? And what happened to this governor?

DENVER — Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has been vocal about the importance of wearing a mask, even calling Coloradans “selfish bastards” if they don’t wear a mask.


“I’m telling you to wear a mask,” Polis said last week. “Wear a damn mask.”

This is how stupid Polis thinks voters are, that they should forget he once called them “selfish bastards” for declining to wear  a spit guard while walking down the street or shopping at the grocery.

Polis’s transformation goes beyond reelection year politics. This dude is positioning himself to run for president.