The Colorado legislature has backed down —for now— from their quest for government to regulate how restaurants can give away packets of ketchup and mustard, napkins, or utensils with their to-go meals.

Much to our surprise, common sense prevailed and legislators were unwilling to criminalize fast food workers for failing to ask first whether customers wanted ketchup with their fries. 

Even after Democrat state Rep. Brianna Titone of Arvada took out the part where she wanted state officials to enforce her proposed law, committee members were still unwilling to budge.

Colorado Politics reports it was Titone who asked that her bill be indefinitely postponed when she saw defeat was certain. 

“What does a bill really do if it doesn’t do anything?” Titone asked. “We’ll talk about this a little bit more next time. Maybe we can come up with something a little bit better that works for everyone.”

If disposable utensils and packets of Taco Bell fire sauce are truly blanketing the planet in litter, then we suggest groups like Colorado Public Interest Research Group who lobbied for the measure put their money behind a public awareness campaign instead.

The radical left would be surprised to learn that companies aren’t in the business of giving away free stuff, and would likely take it upon themselves to train their staff to be more judicious in their disbursement of sporks without the force of law mandating such.