Attention rural Coloradans who for generations have felt trod upon or taken for granted, abused or just ignored by your state leaders on the civilized Front Range: Shut up and sit down, you’re just imagining things.

So believes Gov. Polis, who is up for reelection and dishing out profoundly idiotic gibberish that we are not all of Colorado without all of Colorado.

PeakNation™ will remember former state Rep. Cole Wist of Centennial who was a Democrat before he switched to the Republican Party to get elected years ago, then switched to independent after leaving office, and now seems to be acting as Polis’s mouthpiece.

Wist thinks all this talk about some kind of war on the rural west is just a cheap political slogan — delusional tales told by greedy mountain folks who won’t share their water, fabrications by hallucinating ranchers who imagine wolves are feeding on their cattle rather than daisies and lollipops. 

Instead of dividing us all into camps of 72 different genders, or race, religion, labor unions, and political ideology, Wist and Polis want rural Coloradans to stop being so divisive and identify themselves as Boulderites. 

For obvious reasons, neither of their tweets went over well.

Polis and Wist weren’t without their supporters, like this one, who agreed there was no rural and urban divide.

The problem is that people who don’t live in cities are just a bunch of white racists.