As the reality sinks in that Russia’s not caving to President Biden’s diplomacy and we can expect to feel the impact of War in Europe through even higher prices on gas and all the goods it delivers, the question remans: Now what, smart ass?

The obvious answer would be for Biden to cancel his policies that have crippled America’s energy independence, restart the Keystone pipeline, and allow drilling to resume on public lands.

But our energy security is no longer just a matter of helping Americans bear the brunt of Biden’s inflationary economy.

It’s critical our leaders get our country’s energy sector operating at top capacity to ensure our own country is military ready.

Those Air Force jets and Army tanks on their way to NATO countries to protect against further Russian invasion don’t run on solar panels and ocean breezes.

And America’s own security is dependent on our country’s ability to produce fuel.

But instead of real solutions, Gov. Polis is urging Congress to “double down on a rapid clean energy transition to ensure that our energy future cannot be tied to geopolitical conflicts and global commodities.”

We’re all for the gas tax pause, but Polis’s pandering to Big Climate is ill timed. 

Now that Putin has put the planet on notice he’s willing to fight anyone who gets in his way of rebuilding the Soviet Union, America must look to her own defenses.