Republicans are still in the process of selecting their candidate to challenge U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in the November General Election, but already the top political prognosticator of Beltway politics predicts the Democrat is in trouble.

Because, the Cook Political Report explains, Bennet’s a Democrat. 

“A potential sleeper race that Republicans are increasingly optimistic about and that Democrats are treating seriously is in Colorado. It’s a surprising potential battleground, given that Biden won the state by more than 13 points …”

The Colorado Senate race is no longer “solid Democrat.”

Cook Political Report says the race has slipped to “likely Democrat” and could shift further still to the “toss up” rating depending on who Republicans elect in their June party primary to kick Bennet to the category of finished, kaput, he’s done, so last century.

How can Republicans make Colorado a player again?

If Republican voters choose to run on the vendetta platform and play strictly to the base with business as usual old party politics, then Bennet skates to a win. 

Let’s be honest, running on a platform that elections are rigged is not high up on the list of what is affecting the lives of Colorado families on a day-to-day basis. 

Colorado voters will be looking for a senator who can undo President Biden’s inflated economy, make America energy dependent again to bring down fuel prices, and get tough on crime.

Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown said the rating change shows that Bennet’s failure to deliver for Colorado is catching up to him.

“It seems that Bennet is competing with Biden to see who can become less popular with the people of Colorado,” she said.

That’s one race we hope Bennet wins.

Read the full Cook Political Report on the new ratings here.