We are reminded that elections have consequences whenever Democrats shove new tax hikes down our collective throats. 

Interestingly, we have one of those rare occasions where Republicans have taken the majority, and rather than just throwing tax dollars at problems, they’ve hit upon solutions.

Over in Aurora, the city council under Republican leadership passed the first reading of Mayor Coffman’s plan to deal with the growing homeless situation by a 6-5 vote Monday.

It’s expected to also pass on second reading after a few tweaks are made to ensure a homeless person’s belongings are protected.

The ban means camps on public and private property will be shut down after 72 hours notice, and shelter will be provided. The camps won’t be removed until shelter can be offered. 

From Colorado Politics: 

During public comment on the urban camping ban at City Council’s meeting Monday night, many spoke in opposition of the ban, calling it inhumane and a glorified ban on homeless people. Several also criticized Coffman for posing as homeless last year and said the ban will unnecessarily increase facetime between underserved populations and the Aurora Police Department. Others spoke in favor, saying homelessness has gotten out of control, having community members living on the streets is not acceptable and the city needs to do better for its people.

Not doing anything to get the homeless off the cold streets and back on their feet is inhumane.

Shoveling billions into programs that serve to enable homelessness and drug addiction and also leads to mental distress may do wonders for liberal guilt, but it’s not a solution and it’s not humane.

Good work, Mayor Coffman, and the new Republican majority.