One of those random “Greatest Place to Visit” listicles that reeks of pay-to-get-praised gimmicks to earn media from unsuspecting news clickbait writers recently placed The Little Nell in Aspen as #13 on its list of best hotels in the USA.

It didn’t get any media attention, because who cares?

But it turns out Gov. Polis was very impressed. And why shouldn’t he be? He’s a millionaire who can actually afford to step foot in the place.

This is a screen shot of the actual “list” cleverly disguised as an ad, where a click of the button takes the reader straight to to reserve a room for only $5,275 a night.

Polis’s tweet to the plebeians didn’t go over well.

Probably because they can’t relate to spending the equivalent of four mortgage payments for one frigging night in a hotel.

Reaction was swift, and judgmental.

The resort is a privately held hotel investment and management platform owned by Aspen Skiing Company.

We’re pretty sure Polis skis Vail. For his next trick, perhaps Polis should brag about the affordability of property there.