Democrats are increasingly growing uneasy about presiding over the crime wave overtaking Colorado, and a new poll from the left gives a pretty good reason why.

A Democrat-backed poll released by ProgressNowCO from Global Strategy Group revealed voters trust Republicans more than Democrats when it comes to handling public safety.

To be clear, there’s plenty of reason to distrust the poll overall, which historically has tilted its methodology to favor the left.

It also only featured registered voters, a more favorable universe of voters for Democrats than screening for respondents likely to vote in the 2022 midterms.

With all that said, their findings on the issue of crime are pretty dim for Democrats.

According to these findings, Democrats trail on the issue of handling public safety irrespective of the message presented to the poll’s respondents.

Given the lack of a likely voter screen, it’s reasonable to presume the trust gap when it comes to crime is even worse for Democrats than this poll suggests.

That has got to be pretty alarming if you’re Attorney General Phil Weiser, Governor Jared Polis, or virtually every single Democrat in the state legislature that has backed soft-on-crime policies.

It also probably explains why State House Speaker Alec Garnett recently lashed out at the press for accurately reporting that Democratic majorities overwhelmingly backed a measure that weakened penalties for fentanyl possession.

Unfortunately for Garnett, when it comes to crime, that ship has sailed. There is nothing Democrats can do to regain public trust after spending the last two years demonizing law enforcement and embracing offender-friendly laws that have made Colorado’s crime tsunami considerably worse.