Democrats finally advanced a bill through the state legislature with the phrase “crime prevention” in the title, although it was technically an infrastructure measure to spend $10 million on street lighting grants.

We’re not saying street lights might not deter some crafty criminals who would prefer shadowy environs to operate.

But it’s a total dodge for Colorado Democrats who are desperate to appear tough on crime —  without actually getting tough on crime because progressives support criminals — or having to fund cops.

The measure expressly prohibits the hiring of police officers and passed on a 3-2 party-line vote in a Senate panel Thursday, and now goes to the Appropriations Committee. 

The so-called “Crime Prevention Through Safer Streets,” bill is part of Gov. Polis’s public safety package to thwart evil doers through better environmental design of streetscapes and lots of light pollution. 

Who needs police when what we needed all along were street lamps and clever zoning codes to outwit criminal masterminds?

Democrats know it’s not the solution, but all they want is to see the bill’s name in headlines so they can get reelected.