Indoctrination by climate activists has paid off for Russia, which has funneled millions of dollars to environmental groups to push anti-fracking propaganda in Colorado and other natural gas-rich states to cripple their competition.

A congressional investigation a few years back uncovered the financial network that linked Russia to a group called Sea Change, which the report said was forwarding millions to the Sierra Club, Climate Action and Natural Resources Defense Council among others.

PeakNation™ will remember our repeated warnings about Mother Russia’s funding of fractivist groups kicking up a fuss in Colorado to convince Democrats to do their dirty work and over-regulate and harass the industry.

Western Resource Advocates received $5.4 million in direct funding from the Sea Change Foundation, and bragged in a press release that Matt Sura was also their consultant at the same time he was serving on then-Gov. Hickenlooper’s oil and gas task force.

And who can forget when Food and Water Watch used Jefferson High School students as Russian props after the school bused kids to protest an oil and gas task force meeting in Greeley?

It’s past time to stop letting environmental groups funded by Russia dictate America’s energy policy, writes The Federalist. 

In aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one thing has become abundantly clear to the American people: energy security is national security. But after decades of indoctrination by environmental groups who have pushed a climate change agenda completely detached from reality, today America is left with neither.

Since their first days in office, Gov. Polis and President Biden have capitulated to these dark money environmental groups and now we see the results. 

Biden canceled oil and gas leasing on more than two billion acres of federal lands, and Polis never said a peep.

Biden axed the Keystone XL pipeline, his regulations thwart energy exploration and production, and he’s clamped down on permit for LNG-export terminals.

Then addicting insult to injury, Biden lifted the sanction on the Russia’s NordStream2 pipeline that was imposed by former President Trump.

Not only has Biden’s alleged expertise in foreign policy turn out to be bullcrap, his grasp on domestic issues is on another plane of reality.