When Colorado Democrats crafted their legislative priorities this year to get themselves reelected, they decided to just rip off the Republicans’ message of saving people money.

They never counted on President Biden royally screwing the pooch.

And yet here we are.

Gov. Polis must have flipped the Bat Signal for his Office of Saving People Money to swoop in and save the day.

But the best they could come up with was this temporary fix to knock 18 cents off the price of a gallon, but only through the November election.

After Democrats get themselves reelected, imagine how much higher those gas prices are going to climb, along with all the goods and services gas delivers.

Under Biden’s energy polices, gas had already hit a 14-year high before Russia triggered prices again by invading Ukraine. 

Coloradans can’t take much more of how Democrats “help” them save money.

There are really some jobs that are best left to Republicans.