Democrats are getting more desperate, or voters are getting more stupid — either way it’s going to cost us more at the gas pumps if they manage to pull off this diabolical scheme.

According to Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, it’s not President Biden’s inflation that has driven up fuel prices: Gas costs more because oil companies are greedy.

Therefore, government should step in and help us, Bennet reasons, by raising $45 billion in taxes on oil.

Then, when the oil companies pass on that increased cost to consumers at the pump, the government will give rebates to certain individuals that will equal about the cost of the price increase from inflation, war, Bennet’s tax hike.

Kyle Kohli, executive director of Compass Colorado, says Bennet’s plan is a political ploy that leverages Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to raise more taxes, cripple the energy industry and drive up consumer costs.

Which of course means Democrats are sure to love it.