A new poll shows Coloradans overwhelmingly support producing our own energy here at home rather than relying on a murderous Russian autocrat and other evil-doers abroad.

Democrats, Republicans and independents were polled in Colorado, and nine out of 10 agreed America meeds to produce natural gas and oil here in the U.S. to help lower energy costs for American consumers and small businesses.

The survey of 400 registered Colorado voters was conducted March 2-5 by Morning Consult for the American Petroleum Institute, and has a 5% margin of error.

From Colorado Politics:

The poll also showed 78% of Colorado voters believe that producing natural gas and oil here in the U.S. helps America maintain a leadership role during a period of global uncertainty.


API Colorado Executive Director Lynn Granger said that given the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the rising cost of energy both at home and abroad, “there is no question that access to secure, reliable and affordable energy is top of mind for Colorado voters.”

Also on the mind of Colorado voters is the fact our state is America’s fifth-largest oil producer and its seventh-largest natural gas producer and a cornerstone of our economy.

Of course Coloradans support domestic energy production. 

What doesn’t make a lick of sense is why Gov. Polis and President Biden still refuse to restore America’s energy independence.