Thanks to Senate Democrats, Coloradans could soon vote without fear that anyone is legally armed with a visible weapon within their vicinity, which Democrats think intimidates voters into casting ballots against their tax hikes, or something.

While they’re at it, maybe Democrats can pass a law against illegally carrying a gun while under contract as a security guard for 9News and actually shooting and killing a demonstrator who sprayed mace?

Until then, it appears legal to get away with that in Colorado.

Denver District Judge Brian Whitney agreed Monday with District Attorney Beth McCann’s request to dismiss second-degree murder charges against former security guard Matthew Dolloff, who shot and killed Lee Keltner in October 2020 during a political rally in Civic Center.

McCann claims her crack team can’t prove the shooting was in self defense. 

Sadly, the left doesn’t seem opposed to security guards carrying a gun without a license and intimidating a protestor to death, if they think the victim probably voted Republican.

No wonder progressive are so paranoid. They fear what they wish upon others.