Democrats finally got around to writing up a bill to address the fentanyl epidemic that’s swept the state since the legislature passed a bill in 2019 making it a misdameanor to possess up to four grams, which is enough kill thousands of people.

What seems to have taken them so long, is in addressing the specific request of Gov. Polis to create real consequences and harsher sentences for those involved with dealing or possessing enough fentanyl to kill thousands of people.

The have now addressed Polis’s request by simply ignoring it.

Instead of criminal penalties for possession of enough to kill thousands of people, Democrats would increase “penalties” for selling fentanyl, the Denver Post reports.

And Polis is fine with that.

If the fentanyl sold results in an overdose, the seller will be liable for murder even harsher drug charges.

And, “some people” arrested for possession would be required to undergo mandatory treatment.

Bonus: Lawmakers will send $20 million to a state agency to buy Naloxone and create a bulk purchase fund for fentanyl test strips.

“Polis’s refusal to acknowledge this fentanyl bill falls well short of his own standards shows he still isn’t serious about confronting this crisis,” said Compass Colorado Executive Director Kyle Kohli.


“The Governor needs to find some political courage and tell his allies to increase criminal penalties for possession of this deadly drug.”

Apparently, it’s enough that Polis had the courage to actually suggest it, but his progressive voters will never forgive him or Democrat lawmakers if they actually did it.